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Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm PST
inauguration, it comes on martin luther king's birthday, the holiday we celebrate. he's using martin luther king jr.'s bible. he has got to take off from his great speech, i have a dream, back in 1963. and remember, martin luther king's dream did not only include ending segregation. it included ending needless wars, fighting poverty, and making america a more equal country. barack obama, tell us what your dream is for the second term and once that is over, once you have inspired us, go about the hard work of implementing that dream. it is a dream speech i am looking for. >> angela merkle. but the omens are not good. her coalition has just lost a regional election that was widely viewed as a test of public opinion. >> at first, it looked like the german chancellor's party would win. when the final ballots were counted, it became clear the democrats were on their way out. the results show the coalition of angela merkle's party or one seat behind the opposition. the loss by the christian democrats came about because their supporters tried to vote strategically. usually, christian democrat voters ca
Jan 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
church, for instance, that is out in the forefront. martin luther king calls it the drum major. you've got to be the drum major - leading the band, the march, the parade. but what is the church? it's the tail light on a car - it's just always behind. and so i think what we must do is turn things to a point where we come to understand that you cannot have a new heaven until you have a new earth. >> i love that line, "you can't have a new heaven until you have a new earth." it's like that line, "why are you worried about life after death? let's worry about, life before death" - that kind of thing. sharon stone - that's who the actress was. the reason it took me a while to remember is she was at church and so her skirt was a lot longer than it normally is, on the thing. but anyway, back to reverend cecil williams. comments and thoughts relating back to the previous class about what he's saying about identity, relationship - did you catch anything in there you wanted to comment on? sure, chris? >> he was also talking about power. and for him, he wants to use the church's power - at least f
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2